(Q) what is your cancelation procedure?
Please try to give at least 24hrs notice. I know this is not always possible, but the more notice you give me, the better. If worse comes to worse, please let me know by 8am on the day of your appointment.

(Q) Do you cater to fetishes?
(A) That all depends on what it is...just ask!
Please be aware that I am not into anything extreme or painful.

Please know that an extra fee applies to all fetishes, depending on what they are.


(Q) What hours are you typically available?
(A) I / We are available 24/7, we just ask for atleast an hours notice, However 30 minutes is usually just fine.

(Q) Do you accommodate first time escort users?
(A) Yes!
Please be prepared to sit and chat for a few minutes as we get to know each other a little better. I do not like to rush things. I want us to feel as comfortable as possible with each other

(Q) Can I speak with you on the phone?
(A) Yes if I do not answer, leave your name,number ,message, and let me know if its ok to call you back
I do return calls ASAP,
Please do not text me or call me from a blocked/private number (if the number is blocked, I will not be able to give you any information or schedule an appointment).

(Q) Are your rates negotiable?
(A) For first time customers NO, However returning customers, I will sometimes work out something special to show my gratitude.

(Q) Is tipping / gifts required?
(A) Gifts are never required and neither is tipping, however if you feel obliged you are more than welcome to tip or bring a gift.  
Some suggestions:
1.    Flowers

2.      Wine or Champagne

3.      Lingerie

4.      Gift certificates (Victoria Secrets, Book stores, Clothing stores, Spas, A close   by    Nail Salon, or a shoe store).

5.      Bath Products  (Bubble Bath, Bath Salts and Bath Oils).

6.      Chocolates

7.      Fragrances  (Fragrances are personal and many Women are picky, so make sure if you select a perfume that it is of
a high caliber, you can always call us and we can ask your desired Companion what her favorite is.

 Tips:  Not required. However they are appreciated!

Whatever  you feel is sufficient if you had a good time and you would like to tip more you may

Please remember tipping and gifts are never required and you will always receive the same level of service whether you tip,
bring a gift or not, the list above is only suggestions.