Booking an appointment: 

Depending on whether you are a new and existing client we do require that you plan your

appointment just like you would plan a meeting, or Doctor's appointment.  Same day appointments
are available.  Your selected Companion sets that time aside just for you and prepares
just for you.  Just like any other business we do schedule appointments before you and after you, We will always offer a second hour, however the sooner you let us know your request, the better we can cater to you,

Existing clients: If you frequent our service, some appointments can be available with as little as 1 hours notice,
however you do have to remember that I / We are in high demand and that we cannot
guarantee you an appointment and recommend 2 hours notice.  If you have a tight schedule we
highly recommend 1 days notice prior to your desired appointment time this will help us guarantee
your requested appointment date.  please understand that we will always do our best to cater to our clients needs.

CancellationsIf you must cancel an appointment please give us as much notice as possible, we realize that
emergencies do occur, we recommend giving us notice if you must cancel,

No shows: 
If you fail to show up for an appointment and do not call us to let us know you can not make your
appointment, we will meet with you, however a $50 extra charge will be applicable, and if you fail to cancel or no show, you will then be placed on our BLACKLIST!
Our safety, protection and discretion, no showing and not calling to cancel your appointment is
very disrespectful to us and our schedules.  As an independent provider I / We choose to
cater to clients with a professional and respectful attitude.